Dining Uncorked {Fresh Tomato Pasta}

While in Italy a couple of years ago, my dad made this out of this world pasta dish. It was the freshest I had ever tasted! I'm partially chalking the taste up to the environment in which I ate it, and partially to the freshness of the ingredients. I have been on a mission to recreate it ever since we got back and this weekend I think I got as close as I will ever get to the original. Walking around the farmers market this weekend, R. kept asking what I wanted to make for dinner.  All of a sudden I saw the freshest tomatoes I've seen in a while and was inspired! Here's the recipe for the sauce. Once it's done, throw it over what ever noodle you like (I used spaghetti because it's what I had on hand.) and enjoy!

1/2 onion, diced
Olive oil
3 cloves garlic, roughly chopped
3 large tomatoes, chunky
4 basil leaves (Leave whole) 
Salt to taste

1. Coat the pan in olive oil
2. Cook the onions on high until clear
3. Turn the heat down to medium and add the garlic, cook till fragrant.
4. Add in the tomato and basil leaves 
5. Turn the heat down to low, cover, and let cook till the tomatoes have broken down and the sauce has thickened, approximately 30-45 minutes.
6. Serve over pasta and enjoy! 


Social Graces {Wedding Attire}

I know it can be difficult deciding what to wear to a wedding. The possibilities are always endless. Not to mention you have to factor in what the appropriate dress for the occasion actually is. While there are weddings at every time of the day in every possible location, each requiring a different appropriate dress category, there are few main ones that I will help you out with a bit.

{Black Tie}: If the invitation denotes that black tie attire is required, it simple means that men will be in tuxes and ladies in formal gowns.  When it is a black tie affair, the gown should go to the ground. It is not appropriate in this type of environment to wear a short gown. Gentlemen, you do not need to necessarily be in a full on tux, but you should at least be in a tux pants, jacket and either a bow tie (my favorite!) or a tux tie (yes, there is a difference).

{Formal}: Actually different than black tie.  When formal wear is requested, it is acceptable for ladies to wear a either a short, formal gown or a long gown.  Gents, wear your best suit. But try to kick it up a notch from what you wear to work!

{Casual}: With a casual wedding, men should be in dress pants, dress shirt, and tie. No jacket required. Ladies, break out a nice dress. Nothing to over the top but nothing too casual either. We aren't running errands here. This is a wedding.

{Nothing Mentioned}: If no dress code is designated on the invitation, go based on the time of day and location. The later into the evening, the more formal the ceremony.  However, if it is at night and on the beach, for example, you can definitely be in casual attire. If the wedding is outdoors, gents should be comfortable. Personally, I think it's rude if you expect your guests to be in formal attire or a pants suit while standing in the heat. It's just flat out uncomfortable!

While the list of scenarios for what to wear could go on for miles, I'm going to leave you with that for now!

Want to know exactly what to wear your next wedding or party, leave a comment and I'll be glad to help!


Party Inspired {Sparklers}

Yes, the fireworks are great. But, my favorite part of the Fourth has always been the sparklers! I love how you can spell out words and dance around with them. I'm especially intrigued at how these people spelled out "love"! So cute right? When it comes to parties, I figure there is always a little room for some glitz and glam inspired by my favorite...the sparkler! I'm not suggesting you go over the top here! Just a little splash here and there. On the vases for the flowers, your shoes, or a lovely hanging sign are perfect areas to add little touches! 


This Week I Feel...The Red, White, and Blues

I love the Fourth of July.  It is just such a relaxed holiday.  There is no big pressure to do anything except exactly what you want to do! Usually on the Fourth, we head down to the beach for a while then mosey back to the house where we grill on the back deck.  Usually, it's a very low key holiday.  I have such a large family, and holidays are such a big deal. Don't get me wrong, I love spending every holiday with my family, but sometimes a low key day is perfect!  I've never actually done a big Fourth of July bash, with lots of friends and family. But, suddenly I'm feeling the urge to deck out the back deck in American flags and light up the night with sparklers to celebrate how thankful I am to live in such an amazing country! Whatever your holiday plans be this coming weekend, I hope you do it in style with a touch of flair and a little bit of sparkle.  But, most of all I hope you do it safely! Happy July 4th everyone! 


A Little Friday Lovin' {Chevron}

Personally, I think a chevron stripe is both classic and fun.  I considered it for my new business cards, used it on an invitation, and love it on that cake in the top left corner.  They really have a place in every aspect of life if you ask me.  And, I'm moving into my a new place in a month or so and can't wait to start decorating.  So naturally I'm dreaming of throwing up a chevron anywhere I can. But, the problem is, it's not very gender friendly.  Basically, I'm living vicariously through the chevron stripes in this post! But, here is my plan...use it on the fabric for the curtains or maybe a tablecloth that I bust out for weekend get togethers, or even do a little craft project and paint it onto a vase! Plus the way I see it, if I put it only in little accessories like that, I can use it for parties!


Dining Uncorked {Basil Pesto}


I have recently discovered that I am severely lactose intolerant which has been quite a shock and little difficult to deal with. When first diagnosed, I first thought that this was fine. All I would have to do would be to eliminate milk, yogurt, cheese, and butter. Wrong.  You don't actually realize until you can't eat it, how many products actually contain dairy.  The most shocking has been basil pesto.  Yes, basil pesto contains dairy in the form of parmesan cheese. I was devastated.  Pesto is one of my favorite things to dip pita chips in, put on pasta, and even use on sandwiches. So, since buying it from the store is clearly not an option any more, I decided to try and make my own cheese-less basil pesto.  I came across this recipe on Adventures from a Gluten Free Mom and decided to give it a try. It's actually not too bad! I thought I would share the recipe with you and see if you like it any better! 

2 cups Fresh Basil Leaves, packed
1/3 cup Pine Nuts or Walnuts 
3 medium Garlic Cloves, minced
1/2 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 and 1/2 tsp. fresh squeezed Lemon Juice (more or less, to taste)
1/2 tsp. Sea Salt
  • In a food processor or blender, combine the basil leaves with the nuts (or seeds), lemon juice and sea salt.  Pulse a few times until mixture is reduced in volume and the mixture is well incorporated.
  • Add the garlic and pulse a few times more.
  • Slowly add the olive oil in a constant stream while the blender or food processor is running, stop to scrape down the sides with a rubber spatula.
  • Taste.  Add more lemon juice and/or salt if needed.
Basil pesto is the perfect addition to any summer meal! Let me know how you like this recipe!

*Photo from Make and Takes


Social Graces {The Table Setting}

I know it can be a little intimidating when you sit down at the table and there are 17 knives, forks, and spoons in front of you and you don't have a clue what to do with any of them. But no fear, I'm hear to help! I've been noticing a lot lately that people really only know the purpose of one fork, one knife, and one spoon.  And, I think once you become a post grad, you should at least have a basic understanding on what each utensil is good for.  I'm not saying you have to remember it all right now, and there is not going to be a test later. Don't forger, you can always pop in and reference this post whenever necessary. So here is a little run down on what you should know!

{a} Charger (aka service plate): This plate is larger than all other plates and placed on the table as simply decoration.  All other plate you are served, such as your appetizer, salad, and dinner plate, will be placed on top of the charger.

{b} Bread Plate: Please keep your bread, and only your bread, on this plate.

{c} Dinner Fork: A somewhat unusual spot for the dinner for is in the middle of the three forks.  If the salad will be served last (yes, that does happen.), the order should go appetizer fork, dinner fork, salad fork. If dinner will be the last course before dessert served, then it will go closest to the charger plate.

{d} Appetizer Fork: The appetizer fork will always be the first fork you see, assuming there is not a shellfish course that proceeds it.  However, if oysters are being served, the oyster fork will appear on the right side of the spoons.

{e} Salad Fork: The salad fork will appear closest to the charger when salad is the last item to be served. Otherwise, it will follow the appetizer fork and proceed the dinner fork.

{f} Salad Knife: This knife is to be used for your salad only. Not your butter, or your dinner. Of course, if salad will not be served last, then the knife closest to your plate will be your dinner knife.

{g} Dinner Knife: Fairly explanatory, it should be used for your dinner.  Let me put this simply, the forks and knives should match up with each other.  Meaning, if dinner will be served before the salad, then the dinner knife is what you will see first. If the salad will be served before dinner, then the salad fork is what you will see first.

{i} Soup Spoon: This spoon will be used to pour delicious soup into your mouth. But, please, respect your other guests, and don't slurp. It's really not a pleasant sound.

{j} Oyster Fork: Yum! Who doesn't love oysters? Kind of strange I know, but the oyster fork is always placed on the side with your spoons and knives and comes out before your appetizer as a shellfish dish.

{k} Butter Knife: Ahh finally! The butter knife! Don't be confused and grab your dinner or appetizer knife for buttering your bread. Use the butter knife silly! Oh, and a little tip on buttering your bread at the  table. The proper way to do so is to put the butter on your bread plate and break off a piece of bread as you eat it, and butter that bite before eating.

{la}Water Glass

{lc} Red Wine Glass

{ld} White Wine Glass

{le} Champagne Flute

{m} Dinner Napkin: The dinner napkin will always be folded and placed on top of the charger, or in place of the plate if a charger is not being used.  And, for goodness sake, please don't tuck the napkin into your shirt or dress. It's just a slight bit tacky.  The proper way to place your napkin in your lap is to fold it into a triangle and place the crease near your knees.

{Note} While they are not in this picture, there are usually a fork and spoon above the charger.  The spoon is a dessert spoon and is to be used for all desserts not of a cake consistency.  So I bet you're wondering what you eat the cake with. Well obviously, the fork that's just chillin' there.  Yes, it is actually called a cake fork and is to only be used for your cake.  Nothing else.

To put it simply, just work from the outside in on both sides.  For each course, just pick up the utensil that is farthest from your plate. Kind of easy right?


Party Inspired {White Anemone}

I've been obsessing over white anemones for a while now.  They are just so clean, yet intricate. And the coloring is both classic and modern. Continuing with the inspiration, mix it up by even wearing a black gown.  Too daring for you? Maybe accent your gown with some black lace.  But, what I love most is how you can add pops of any color to whatever element you want and not affect the overall feel.  I want to throw in pops of green in some topiaries or even accents of yellow to brighten up the pallet for summer.  You tell me, keep it simply black and white or add in pops of color.  If you want to spice it up, what colors would you add? Can't wait to hear! 


This Week I Feel...Pretty in Pink

So pretty, bright, and fun right? I got my original inspiration for today from the gorgeous pink hydrangeas I picked up the other day.  While I don't naturally gravitate towards the color, I have recently been craving to add hints of the vibrant shade everywhere! Try splashing it into flowers, cakes, drinks, linens, and even lighting. My personal opinion of pink, have it be your primary color and not mix it with others.  It's best used with neutrals when trying to make it a little more sophisticated and modern. How do you feel about pink?


A Little Friday Lovin' {Dad}

Seeing as Father's Day is Sunday, I wanted today's Friday Lovin' to be all about my dad! Lately I've been thinking about what I can do to make the day special just for him.  For a man who does so much, this should be his day to do as he pleases and partake in some of his favorite things.  So here's a little run down of how I'm thinking our Father's Day should go this year! I'm thinking the perfect day for Dad starts with some homemade blueberry pancakes and maybe a bike ride down to the beach to hang for a few hours.  The beach will be followed up with a great came of ball with our dog, Harley.  Finish off the day by throwing ribs on the Big Green Egg or grilling burgers at Jose's (the bar my Dad built on our back deck) with a rum drink in hand!  But, even if we don't spend the day this way, I'm sure it will be great! Making Dad happy on this day is all that matters.  After everything he has done for me, he deserves more than one day a year dedicated just to him. Thanks for everything Dad! I love you. 


Dining Uncorked {German Chocolate Cake}

    With Father's Day coming up on Sunday, I decided to take a little inspiration from my wonderful Padre for today's Bite Me.  Since his favorite cake is German Chocolate, I have been on the hunt for the perfect recipe for him.  When looking for recipes, I Google image search what I want to make and find the recipe from the image.  My thought is if it looks delicious it probably is (I eat first with my eyes so it must look as good as it tastes.).  I found this picture and the recipe sounds as good as this picture looks.  So assuming your mouth is watering as much a mine is now, enjoy this German Chocolate cake recipe from SharedSugar!


    makes one 8-inch 3 layer cake

  • cake layers
  • 4 ounces dark chocolate, roughly chopped
  • 2-1/4 cups unbleached cake flour
  • 3/4 cup unsweetened cocoa powder
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 3/4 teaspoon salt
  • 1 cup (8 ounces) strong, hot coffee
  • 1 cup (8 ounces) buttermilk
  • 1-1/4 cups (2-1/2 sticks) unsalted butter, softened
  • 2 cups pure cane sugar
  • 5 large eggs, at room temperature
  • 1-1/2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • filling
  • 4 egg yolks
  • 1 can (12 ounces) evaporated milk
  • 2 teaspoons pure vanilla extract
  • 1 cup pure cane sugar
  • 1/4 cup brown sugar
  • 3/4 cup (1-1/2 sticks) unsalted butter
  • 1 seven ounce package (about 2-2/3 cups) sweetened coconut
  • 1-1/2 cups chopped pecans, toasted

  • make the cake layers
    Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Line three 8-inch round cake pans with parchment paper. Butter pans and dust with cocoa powder (instead of flour which leaves white splotches on the chocolate layers), shaking off the excess.
    In a double boiler, melt dark chocolate. Remove from heat and cool. Quicken this step by cooling chocolate in the refrigerator.
    In a medium bowl, sift the cake flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, baking soda and salt. In a small bowl or large measuring cup, whisk together coffee and buttermilk.
    In a mixer fitted with the paddle attachment, beat butter and sugar together until fluffy, about three minutes. Add eggs, one at a time, scraping sides of bowl down after each addition. Add vanilla and mix until incorporated. Add the flour mixture in three additions, alternating with the coffee/buttermilk mixture. Begin and end with the flour mixture. Remove the bowl from the mixer and using a spatula, fold in the melted chocolate.
    Divide the batter evenly between the three pans. Batter should fill pans about half to two-thirds of the way full. Smooth the tops with a spatula. Bake for 30 to 35 minutes, or until a toothpick inserted in the middle comes out clean. Transfer cakes to a wire cooling rack for 20-30 minutes. Invert cakes onto rack and remove pans and parchment to let cool completely.
    make the filling
    In a large saucepan, whisk together egg yolks, evaporated milk and vanilla until well blended. Add sugars and butter and cook over medium heat, stirring often, for 12 minutes, until mixture is thickened. Remove from heat. Mix in coconut and pecans. Cool to room temperature.
    assemble the cake
    Trim tops of cakes to level out surface, if necessary. Place first cake layer on platter or cake stand. Spread one third of filling on top. Add second layer and spread another third of filling on top. Follow with final layer and top with remaining filling.


Social Graces {RSVP}

Oh the importance of RSVPing. I recently planned a party where half the guests didn't RSVP.  While I was made completely aware ahead of time that most people invited wouldn't, it was still a little frustrating. It makes it incredibly difficult to plan accordingly for things like food, drinks, and seating. But there is another important note on RSVPing. If sent an invite to a wedding, please RSVP for the number of people coming. Actually, please just remember to RSVP in general. And by the RSVP date. If you are not given a +1 invite, please do not RSVP for two people. If given a +1 and you expect to find a date, RSVP for both of you.  However, if a week before the wedding you still do not have a date, it is courteous to call the couple and let them know that you will not be bringing a date so they may plan accordingly and cancel your potential date's meal. 


Party Inspired {Mason Jars}

Being from the south (well sorta...), I've been drinking from mason jars for years. In fact, I'm drinking my sangria from one right now! But, lately they have seemed to make appearances at parties all over.  They add a bit of a down home, relaxed feel and are completely multi-functional. You can use them as centerpieces, lights, regular drinking glasses, dessert cups, and even place cards! Last year, I even hung them from the ceiling in my apartment with candles in them for my roommates birthday. 

*Images from top left: Place Cards, Drinks, Hanging Jars, Flowers


Love in Full Bloom

This past weekend I hosted a bridal shower for my best friend who is getting married in 3 short weeks! I just wanted to share a few of the images with you all! We pushed all the tables together to create some family style dining.  It's my personal favorite for any event. Especially one of only 25 people.  When you have smaller tables, it almost feels like you are creating a divide between the guests. Plus, I feel it makes it a little awkward for the girl of the hour.  She has less time to enjoy herself hoping from table to table to visit with guests. 
Over the course of the party, guests sipped on mimosas, poinsettias, and bloody marys.
They nibbled on chocolate chip cookies, egg scramble, fresh fruit, muffins, and hummus. 
Overall, I would say the bride...
And her sister (who couldn't make it) had a great time! Congrats again Hads! Can't wait for wedding day!


Lusting After {Cake Stands}

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, I have noticed my recent obsession with cake stands.  I do believe I get it from my grandmother (She has hundreds. Literally.), so I probably could have expected this love to develop at some point in time.  But, in the past weeks, I've began to realize how functional they can actually be. And not just for cake.  They are great for adding height and a little flair to a table! Plus, by using cake stands as display for other foods being served, you get double the space on your table. With so many styles, colors, heights, and diameters, I can see why my grandmother has so many. Take note R., with the amount she has and all the ones I want, we may need a storage unit for just my cake stands! 


Indulge In {Conch Fritters}

Allow me to tell you a little story. This is the story of my obsession with conch. If you've ever been to Marsh Harbor in the Bahamas, then hopefully this will hit home with you too. In Marsh Harbor, right off the main road is a little covered stand.  And behind this stand is a man named George.  George is the nicest man you will ever meet. But what George does for a living is what really makes him cool.  George sells conch. But, not just any conch. It's the best conch you've ever had. Right in front of you, he takes the meat out of the shell, chops the tomato, green pepper, and onion, squeezes a lime, and adds a dash of hot sauce.  And, magically creates the best conch salad you've ever had in your life. It's beyond fantastic!

I mean just look at it, I'm sure your mouth is watering right now! I know mine is!  So, the story continues. After you pass George, if you are to walk a little bit further to the marina, get on a boat, and take that boat over to Hope Town, and right on the harbor you will find a little place called Cap'n Jacks. If you EVER go to Cap'n Jacks, there is one thing you are to do. Order the conch fritters.  They are out of this world. They are probably even better than I'm remembering which must mean that they are really good. For a girl who doesn't really like fried food, I could probably suffice the rest of my life on this fried deliciousness of the Cap'n Jacks conch fritter.


Anyways, I am always on a constant hunt for a conch fritter better than the one at Cap'n Jacks. And while I'm convinced it doesn't exist, this recipe looks pretty good: 

Conch Fritters Recipe - A Caribbean Delicacy
1 lb conch meat (You might get away with this recipe by using minced clams.)
1/2 lg onion
2 stalks celery
1/2 red pepper
1/2 green pepper
Salt to taste
1 egg
1/3 cup self rising cornmeal
1/3 cup flour
1 tsp. baking powder
1/4 cup buttermilk
1/4 tsp hot sauce

Cooking Method:
Put conch through food grinder or food processor.  Process with onion, celery, red and green pepper and mix with conch, adding salt and egg.  Mix well.  Mix together cornmeal, flour and baking powder.  Add conch mixture.  Mixture should be thick.  Add buttermilk and hot sauce.  Drop by heaping tablespoon into deep oil until light brown.Drain.  Serve with mayonnaise and lime juice.


Social Graces {Thank You}

This week's Social Graces is simple. Thank you. I'm starting to realize that more and more everyday people are forgetting the importance of saying "thank you". It seems like a simple concept right? Someone opens a door for you, gives you a gift, or even refills your water glass at a restaurant, you say thank you. Dare I even say it, I believe in sending thank you notes when someone gives you a gift! I know, it's crazy. But, it's a little thing that goes a long way.  Plus, I believe people are more willing to give when they know you are thankful for what they have done for you! So, one last time, I must say it, say "thank you". To everyone. For anything. And all of that leads me to this. Thank you for reading this blog. We both know you don't have too, but thank you for doing it. It makes me happy to know that someone reads this everyday (maybe)!  Have a happy (and thankful) Wednesday!


You're Invited!

It kinda looks like someone wrote this Save the Date in the sand right? Well here is a little back story that's a little off topic.  My dream has always been to get married on some island. Ironically in the Bahamas. I grew up in a beach town, and it's where I've always been the most comfortable.  For a girl who loves shoes and majored in fashion, when I'm home at the beach, I prefer to wear nothing but a bikini and no shoes.  Anyways, when I was younger, I used to love writing my name in the sand.  So, I'm sure you're wondering how this connects.  Well, since I've dreamed of getting married on some far away island, I've dreamed of having my Save the Dates written in the sand (I told you it would connect back). Which is why I think this Save the Date is so perfect! It's simple, clean, and a little modern. I love it! 


Color Me {Beachy}

Lately I've been dreaming of escaping to a tropical island. More specifically, the Bahamas. I've been going since I was young and it is truly the happiest place on earth (step aside Disney World). Leaving behind the stresses of everyday life and sipping a margarita on the beach is exactly what I could use right about now! With crystal turquoise blue water, sunny skies, and tropical libations, how can you go wrong? But, seeing as there is no tropical vacation in my near future, maybe I'll just transform my house into an island retreat and pour myself a margarita, or maybe even a rumrunner, every day after work! Who wants to join?


Make It: Party Favors

So, my wonderful best friend is getting married in a couple of months, in a small family and close friends ceremony! So in honor of her impending nuptials, I am throwing her a lovely bridal shower next week following the same theme of the wedding so those that won't be at the wedding will get to experience the beauty of her big day.  We wanted to add a personal touch to the favors as a little thank you to the guests.  So, we came up this idea. I had the bride sign a "thank you" on a piece of paper and put it on labels.  Since she loves candle, we tied each "thank you" around the top of the candle for the guests to take with them when leaving! It was actually really easy! Here are the steps:

1. Sign a piece of paper with desired saying using a Sharpie.  Using a sharpie is important so that it will read clearly when you scan it.  
2. Scan the piece of paper into your computer and save the document.  
3. Once saved, open it up and crop the image so there is as little white space around the signature as possible, and save it.
4. Open a new word document and format the page for whatever size label you want to use.  I just used a standard address label. 
5. On the first label insert the image and format it to fit on the label.  
6. Once it is formated on the first label, all you have to do is copy and paste it onto the other labels, and print it.
7. Once printed, peel off the label and mount it on a piece of card stock.
8. Cut it to size, punch a hole in the corner, string a contrasting ribbon through, and tie it on the top of the candle!

Cute right?!


All Dressed Up

Normally I try and create a whole look for you. And normally it's a little more affordable than this dress. But, I'm kind of obsessed with this J.Crew frock. I mean just look at the ruffles! This dress is pretty and sweet, natural, and sure to make you look like the breathtaking beauty that you are! 


Indulge In {Italian Tapas Party}

Maybe it's in my blood. Or maybe it's just delicious. But, I love Italian food.  And I do not take the word love lightly.  I mean let's be honest. Last month in New York, I went on a cannoli tour of Little Italy. Literally I ate about 8 cannoli.  They were all so good. But, in case you are ever there, the best one is some little place on the corner called Caffe Roma. I don't care what anyone says to you, or what the signs read, Caffe Roma is the best.  Hands down. Anyways, now I'm distracted thinking about cannoli and completely forget about the meaning behind this post. Food fitting for a beautifully rustic soirĂ©e. And back to it being in my blood (I am actually Italian.), when I think about rustic, my mind automatically drifts to the Italian countryside. Therefore, I feel nothing is more appropriate than some delicious Italian hand helds. The basic idea behind a rustic inspired event is that nothing is artificial, and the same should go for the food. Stuffed mushrooms, risotto balls, crostini, and cannoli are all ideal (and not to mention delish!). The natural ingredients and vibrant colors of these foods make my taste buds water. Don't forget the wine, because we all know no event is complete without it! Piacere!


Social Graces {The Wedding Gift}

I know I wrote last week's Social Graces about gift giving, but I feel there a lot of things people don't know about giving a gift.  And not to say that there is a wrong way to give a gift (gifts are always accepted in my house in any way, shape, or form), but there are some common courtesy things to do that make the recipient much happier! Since it's wedding season, I decided to broach the topic of wedding gifts. I know it can be difficult.  There are so many events leading up to the wedding and it can be a bit confusing as to which you should bring a gift to.  Simple answer, if you are invited to an event about the wedding you are invited to, bring a gift. It doesn't always have to be big, but something small off of their registry or something you know they will enjoy is appropriate.  Bringing to the event is very common and something that I'm not outlawing. While for most events this is perfectly fine, in my opinion, it is not for the wedding itself.  Think about it. It's just slightly inconvenient for you and the couple to have to deal with this box while there are 100 other things going on.  So this weeks Social Graces lesson is simple.  When attending a wedding, it is best to send the gift to the residence of the couple.  It's easier for you and it's easier for them.