Lusting After {Cake Stands}

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, I have noticed my recent obsession with cake stands.  I do believe I get it from my grandmother (She has hundreds. Literally.), so I probably could have expected this love to develop at some point in time.  But, in the past weeks, I've began to realize how functional they can actually be. And not just for cake.  They are great for adding height and a little flair to a table! Plus, by using cake stands as display for other foods being served, you get double the space on your table. With so many styles, colors, heights, and diameters, I can see why my grandmother has so many. Take note R., with the amount she has and all the ones I want, we may need a storage unit for just my cake stands! 

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  1. just want you to know how obsessed i am with your blog and to remember me when you become a big deal event planner. love all of your ideas miss sarah!

    miss you!