So Sweet {Cake Bar}

Okay so let's talk cake for a minute. I'm kind of obsessed with cake. And by kind of, I mean totally and utterly in love with cake. Once, freshman year, I ate half a cake by myself. On my roommates birthday. This actually happened twice. I ate another half a cake on my other roommates birthday. Thankfully my third roommate's birthday was over Christmas break. Otherwise, I may have gained the freshman 50. So anyways, given my obsession with cake and my obsession with bars, I have a new obsession with cake bars. It's kind of like a fat kids dream. Imagine a bar with different flavors of cake, different flavors and types of icings, fillings, toppings, infusions, etc. The list of the cake bar accouterments could possibly go on forever. Therefore, I will leave you with three words to remember. Cake. Bar. Deliciousness. 

You can thank me later... 

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