Time to Get Creative {Guest Libs}

Weddings are typically all about tradition, the vows, the first dance, the cutting of the cake, the bouquet toss, etc. But, if you follow all of those traditions without the addition of anything new and fun, it almost becomes cookie cutter, just like every other wedding that your guests have been to. Except with different decorations. Well, it's time to bring something unique to your big day! And I'm not talking about doing the garter toss before the bouquet toss. No. I'm talking about adding mad libs for your guests. Hence for known as guest libs. Skip the guest book. You know you will never read it anyways. Instead, have guests play mad libs about you. Just think, it will be so much funnier to read that in 20 years than it will be to read a list of names! To make it even funnier, have someone read it to them so they can't see the paragraph and are inserting words that don't even really make sense! 

What unique element would you add to your wedding or party?

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