Delightful Dining {Bacon Pancakes}

Uh huh. That's right. Bacon IN your pancake. I mean holy deliciousness. It seems like such a crazy thought. But think about it. If you are anything like me, you dip your bacon in syrup. And naturally, you dip your pancakes in syrup. So why wouldn't you put the bacon in the pancake and dip them both in syrup? Together. Okay, so if you aren't already convinced, allow me to persuade you. 

Pancake: nice texture, subtle sweetness, soft, melt in your mouth
Bacon: crunchy, salty, delicious
Syrup: sweet, goes good with pancakes and bacon

My suggestion to you, try this asap. R and his brother were so skeptical and I'm pretty sure thought I was crazy...Until they ate it.  Okay so here's how it works....

{1} Fry the bacon
{2} Mix the pancake mix (I use Bisquik because well I use Bisquik for everything.)
{3} Place the bacon on the griddle, pour the pancake mix over it, and cook till done. 
{4} Smother in syrup and enjoy!

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