All Dolled Up {Fashion Week}

Jenny Packham
As if you didn't already know, this week completes the Spring 2012 presentations at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  Fashion Week to me is almost as exciting as Christmas or my birthday...almost. It's just so excited seeing what designers have created. As I flip through images, I'm already mentally making my spring style shopping list. It's become quite a problem actually because I haven't even begun to buy for fall and I'm already thinking about what I want for next spring. Anyways, watching the shows is about a little more than making my shopping list. These trends also influence parties. Think about it. Last year on the runway we were seeing lots of flowy tops in small floral prints, denim shirts, cowboy boots, etc. Everything that is very reminiscent of a good girl, down home look. And this year, the huge trend in events was mason jars, small buds, and nothing too over the top. It was all very southern. Which was good for me since I am southern and consider myself an aficionado of all things southern.  So, anyways, before this gets too long, here are some of my favorite images from fashion week showing the trends that I'm sure will be popping up in all sorts of events next year!
Carolina Herrara
Cynthia Rowley 
Vera Wang
Diane von Furstenberg 

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