This Week I Feel...Athletic

Being from the South it's kinda a thing. You don't mess with football season. You can't even think about planning something on a Saturday that does not involve beer and watching football. Well in honor of the first week of college football, (Woo! Go Noles!) prepare yourself for an entire weeks worth of football related posts, starting with today. While I have never played football (for obvious reasons of course), I do fell slightly more athletic watch the players run down the field and tackle.  And oddly enough, just by the amount of football I have watched in my day, I feel I could play much better than any of those stupid people out there on the field that for some reason can't see the guy coming from behind to tackle him (I mean do these guys not have eyes in the back of their heads like my mother always did?). So brace yourself, because football season is upon us, and even if it isn't as hard core in your house as it is in mine, get ready for the fun and excitement that is college football!

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