Indulge In {Espresso Topped Vanilla Bean Ice Cream}

I had never heard of this delicious Italian dessert before we were at this little gathering a couple of months ago. Ever since, it's been my go to dessert. It's simple and not so overly sweet so that everybody can enjoy.  Think of a root beer float but with a shot of espresso instead. To be honest, it's kind of perfect (If you like coffee, of course.) Want to mix it up some? Add the shot of espresso to a scoop of chocolate or dulce de leche ice cream. Bust it out at parties and take guests by surprise when you serve them a big bowl of ice cream served with an espresso shot pour right over top in front of them. Here's what you'll need...

:: Ingredients ::
1 Scoop Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
1 Shot of Espresso (Or 1/4 Cup Coffee)

:: Directions ::
Scoop ice cream into bowl and top with fresh brewed shot of espresso.  

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