Party DIY {Housewarming Basket}

It's that time of year again...moving season. Maybe it's because we are still living in a college town, but July and August come around ad it seems as if almost everyone is moving. That means house warming parties galore are on the horizon. But, by this time in outlives, people ave just about all the necessary items they need to make their house a home. So, what do you bring as a gift? While a nice bottle of wine is always appropriate, I've put together a basket full of little treats with a nice meaning. It's easy to put together, appropriate for all, and incredibly thoughtful. Here's what to include and the meaning behind each item. 

1. Candles: So your home may always have light

2. Wine: So you may always be in a good cheer

3. Bread: So you may never be hungry

4. Salt: So your life may always have flavor

5. Dishtowels: So you may wipe away bad luck

Have a meaningful Tuesday!

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