Party DIY {Custom Handtowels}

Like everything else in my house, I have a vision for what I want it to look like. Color, pattern, style, and so on, are important in making a house into a home. This applies to everything, including my hand towels. I've been searching for something in the perfect color to match my bathroom for the longest time. The shade of turquoise is lighter with a bit of a gray undertone almost like seafoam, making it hard to match. But, I stumbled upon a bottle of craft paint that was pretty spot on and decided to make my own. I wanted to keep the look simple, so I used letter stencils and centered them on the bottom. I love this idea as a housewarming gift as well. They will even fit perfectly into the housewarming basket I'll be showing you tomorrow and can be used dish towels too. Customize with the family's initial or create a fun pattern of stripes or polka dots in a neutral color guaranteed to match the home adding a handmade personal touch to the basket. Here's the how-to on making your own...

:: Supplies ::
Flour Sack Dishtowels
Letter Stencil
Acrylic Craft Paint

:: Directions ::
1. Center the letter stencil on bottom of the dishtowel.
2. Fill in stencil with paint and remove stencil. Let dry completely before using.

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