Bucket Full of Fun

Spring has sprung and I've never been happier. I was in desperate need of warm days and sunshine afternoons spent outside lounging. Now that it's here, it's time to pack away the coats and winter fun and create my spring bucket list. It's bursting with bright activities and seasonal adventures you'll want to do yourself. Here's my list of springtime must dos!

1. Entertain Outdoors: Spring is the perfect time to host an outdoor soiree. The temperatures aren't too hot and the flowers are in full bloom creating natural decor.

2. Go Custom: I'm tired of searching for the perfect service pieces. Now that I've discovered Martha Stewart Glass Paint, I plan on creating my own pieces for every occasion.

3. Clean It Out: The front planter bed at our house has been suffering for quite a while now. It's overgrown and a little ratty looking. I can't wait to get in there is a pair of sheers and make it look fresh again. It's the ultimate form of spring cleaning if you ask me!

4. Take a Bike Ride: I'm from a coastal town and bike rides around town are what we do best. Living in a city that is a bit spread out makes that hard. But, this spring, I'm determined to bring bike riding back. Watch out Tallahassee, me and my bike are coming for you!

5. Shop the Farmer's Market: I love hitting the farmer's market in the spring. It brings out more vendors and fresher fruits and vegetables. I can't wait to see what interesting treats they have and to create some fresh yummy dishes to share with you.

6. Grow a Green Thumb: I am notorious for killing off plants. It doesn't matter what kind of plant, it instantly dies in my care. But, this spring I'm determined to take a fresh approach to things and start small with some fresh herbs.

Have a great weekend y'all!

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  1. tooo bad we don't closer because we literally have the same bucket lists :) :) today the temp hit 60- which it literally hasn't done since september so I am so excited for Spring!