The Secret Garden

Happy First Day of Spring! The spirit of the season is already filling the air here with warm temperatures and pollen everywhere. But none of that matters because finally the flowers will begin to bloom and no longer will I be forced to stare at bare, lifeless trees (The one outside my front door is especially ugly during winter months.). With such beauty now returning outside my window, it is taking everything in me not to spend every minute soaking up the sun and I'm sure all of you feel the same. So in honor of our urge to spend more time enjoying the outdoors, let's throw a garden party with no hot tea or cucumber sandwiches required! While pastels and fresh cut blooms are a must, impress your guests with a table set under the trees. Serve up champagne and macaroons, fruity salads and fresh roasted vegetables. Keep everything light and airy, just like the season, to create the ultimate impact. Encourage floral frocks, sandals, and a good time at a wonderful garden soiree to open the party season!


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  3. I Love This.Haveing my daughter's bridal showerand this is Exactly what I've envisioned.) Thank-You!