Center of Attention {Dinner Party}

I talk a lot about amazing centerpieces and decor for large scale parties, but I spend relatively little time focusing on the daily celebrations. Even our slogan states that Life's a Party, and I haven't been emphasizing that lately. So, today, I am taking the opportunity to enjoy the true center of attention love of my life, the Saturday night dinner party. There is nothing I love more than gathering around a table with good wine, good friends, and good food. With such an event, simplicity is key. A simple arrangement of beautiful buds is really all you need. That and a loaf of warm bread accompanied by a bowl of fragrant olive oil and flavorful herbs. I like when the food takes the attention. If it's really that good, then you don't need other things to distract from it. Place loves every couple of seats with beautifully (or custom) designed bottles of olive oil and dinner guest will feel welcome and ready to enjoy the perfect low key Saturday evening!

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