Love is All You Need

Happy Valentine's Day my loves! Do you all have fabulous plans for tonight? I sure hope so! R and I have decided to do what we do every year. We're hulling up inside with a nice bottle of wine and avoiding the crowds as much as possible. And, with steak and fish on the menu, there really is no need to leave the house. R and I have always agreed on the face that you should show the one you love how much you care every day of the year, not just on Valentine's Day. And, while we do everything we can to make sure the other knows how special they are throughout the year, it's still nice to do a little nice gesture for the other. For example, today I'm promising R I won't bust out my phone, or computer, or iPad to monitor whatever form of social media it may be all night. Trust, me as a social media junkie, it's going to be hard, but for him I'm willing to do it. It's the little things like showing R that he's more important to me than browsing social media that make the day special. 

Whatever your plans, be sure to show those around you how much you care! xo

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