Center of Attention {Monochromatic Florals}

Welcome to the latest series of posts on Events Uncorked. I realized the other day that I do very little posting about flowers and centerpieces in general. Therefore, I'm launching a new series of posts called "Center of Attention" focusing on just that. So, let's dive right in. Today I want to talk a little about monochromatic florals. And by that I mean having different flowers in the same shade to create your centerpieces. I like this idea because it keeps it simple and uniform, but it still has a bit of visual interest with the varying textures and shapes. 
Going along the same lines, I love the idea of having small arrangements of the same flower on each table. For example, one arrangement of pink roses, another of pink tulips, and a third of pink peonies. All the same color. Each in their own vase. But, together on the table in matching vases, it will modern, clean, and pulled together! 

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