Fun and Games {Ring Toss}

What's a carnival without ring toss? It's one of my favorite carnival games from when I was little. And, by the way, there is a huge gap in the market for purchasing/renting ring toss games. Hence why I decided to make my own! After many, many beers (over the course of a couple months...), 4 cans of spray paint, and countless hours of label peeling later, it is finished. I made two sets of this game so that more than one person could play at a time. So here's what you need to make it....
{50} label-less beer bottles -> note. It's better to use bottles with paper labels rather than ones that have sticker labels. The sticker labels leave a residue that DOES NOT come off. Trust me...
{4} cans of spray paint -> I used "Caramel Latte" to add a splash of something different. I was starting to get a little over the top on all of the navy, red, and yellow details. However, feel free to use whatever color you like. 
{1} pack of shower rings. 

So the best method for getting the labels off the bottles I discovered, is to fill a bucket with hot water and submerge the bottles in the water. The longer it can soak the easier it is to peel off the label. Once it's peeled off, you will still need to scrub it with a wash cloth to get the remaining residue off. Once the bottles are clean, dry them off and begin to spray paint. Once all the bottles are spray painted, let them dry. I left mine outside for a couple of hours. Maybe 3 or 4. After they are dry, you are good to go! 

Have fun! 

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