Get Creative {Guest Books}

Let's be honest, I hate guest books. I've always thought they were kind of cheesy. Having your guests sign their names in a kind of unattractive book that is going to go into a box that will never get looked at again is a little overdone. But, it is nice to have a way to remember all of the people who attended your special day. Thus, I have found a couple of non-cheesy options for a guest book. I love this option of a giant tree with leaves that guests can sign. It can be made in your wedding colors and after, you can frame it and hang it on the wall. Plus, I like the two little love birds in the corner! And, I think it looks a little better then one of those frames where people can sign the matting. 
I also love this idea of having guests put on props and take pictures. The pictures from the photobooth will develop immediately and they can stick in a book and sign a cute little message underneath. They still get to sign their names but it is so much more fun to look at! 
Here's what I did for the 90th birthday this weekend. I got a bunch of old pictures from my client, and put them in a Shutterfly book. I left plenty of empty pages for people to sign, but this way, guests can enjoy it by looking at pictures of the girl of the hour, or the happy couple if you do this for a wedding, and it creates a scrapbook for you. Because, it's always more fun to look at pictures than it is to read a bunch of ineligible signatures! 

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