Delightful Dining {Hot Dog Bar}

Continuing with this week's dedication to carnivals (and my obsession with food served in a bar format), I bring to you a hot dog bar. Hello, what's more carnival than a hot dog. Personally, I've been craving hot dogs ever since we decided to do this! So we've rented a hot dog machine and this party is ready to rock! While we are not going as extreme as this picture with all of the toppings, I wish we could include it all! My dream hot dog would include chili, ketchup, and red peppers. But, what's best about this, is you could easily make some burger and brats too for those who don't like hot dogs. And if you include chili on your bar, people could just have just chili if they feel so inclined! 
What would your dream hot dog have on it? No limits! 

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