Color Me {Winter White}

It's finally starting to look like winter around here. The past few days have been filled with gray skies and colder temperatures making me feel like Christmas is right around the corner. As I do every December, I've put together some holiday theme boards that will take us right up to the celebratory day. No matter if you prefer a traditional holiday, a coastal Christmas or a winter white one like today, I'll have all the holiday cheer you need right here. 

Being in Florida, the closest thing we get to a white Christmas is sandy white beaches and a decked out Palm tree, but that can't stop a girl from dreaming right? Even if you don't live in the snowy white North, you can still create the perfect white Christmas. Adorn the tree in soft shades of white with silver accents and keep the rest of your decor neutral. Apply this theory to your holiday table as well. An ivory tablecloth topped with white plates and silver decor is just what you need to make it perfect. All that is left is to light a fire and curl up with a mug of hot chocolate!

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