Weekend Reads {11.29.13}

Well, Thanksgiving is over and I managed to eat more than my weight in turkey and the fixings. While I promise myself every year I won't eat so much, it's hard to turn down that much delicious food. So, as I put last nights feast behind me, it's time to start looking towards Christmas. The first holiday task at my house is always Christmas cards. I've created a bit of a tradition by making our cards instead of doing the traditional photo cards. This is mainly because Rob hates taking pictures and secondly because I love a good DIY. I actually managed to finish our cards before Thanksgiving this year and plan on sharing them with you next week. But until then, I've gathered up some of my favorite DIY cards to share with you in hopes of inspiring you to make your own this year. Hope you enjoy!

1. DIY Paper Bead Christmas Card from All Things Paper

2. DIY Modern Holiday Greeting Cards from The Sweet Beast

4. Ribbon Tree Cards from Martha Stewart

5. Mini Wreath Holiday Cards from Frolic! 

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  1. Thanks so much for including my paper bead card in the mix. Looking forward to seeing your card!