Party DIY {Cheers! Holiday Cards}

As I mentioned last Friday, we've created a new tradition of making our Christmas cards instead of submitting a mediocre picture of the two of us to a website that generates a Christmas card. This is mainly due to someone's distaste for taking pictures and also in part to my love of crafting. Each year it's fun to come up with a new idea and bring it to life. This years inspiration came from a "Cheers!" stamp I have. I knew I wanted to incorporate it some how, but I wasn't quite sure. After a little brainstorming with Rob though, this idea was born. We created a slider card with a martini glass hand cut out of the front. They were a bit time consuming to make but in the long run, totally worth it! I designed the insert in photoshop and had it printed on card stock to complete the look. While any size envelope can be used to create the outside, we opted for a tall narrow envelope with a metallic scrapbook paper for the backing. Here's what you will need to make your own

:: Supplies ::
Sealed Envelope
Scrapbook Paper, trimmed slightly smaller than the envelope
Hot Glue
Holly Beads
Card Insert

:: Directions ::
1. Fold envelope in half length wise (hot dog style). With the envelope vertical, cut a line straight across the top being careful to not cut all the way across. Cut from a point approximately 1.5 inches down from the first line at an angle to the end of the top line. This should form a triangle. After it's cut, remove this portion.
2. Approximately 1.5 inches from the bottom of the envelope, cut a straight line approximately .5-1 inch in length. At a point approximately 1/4 of an inch above this line, cut at an angle down to the end of the bottom line. Remove this triangle portion as well.
3. Cut the portion of the envelope along the crease between the two triangles and remove. 
4. Open up and this should form a martini glass. 
5. Trim off bottom of envelop to allow for card insert to slide in and out.
6. Using your hot glue gun, glue holly beads to the top of the martini glass to appear as if coming out of the glass. 
7. Insert trimmed scrapbook paper into envelope placing a dab of hot glue on the bottom center of the paper. This will stick the paper to the envelope and allow for it to stay in place while the card will be able to slide in and out freely. 
8. Insert card with message to complete. 

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  1. So clever and the holly berries are a great touch!