The Happiest Hour {Bourbon Cocktails}

Coming up this weekend, we are hosting a little gathering at the house in honor of Rob's birthday. Since it's his big day, he's chosen a them very fitting to his personality, bourbon and cigars. It's a great theme and I couldn't have picked a better way for us to celebrate with friends. The one downfall is some guests just aren't fans of bourbon on the rocks, and I can't blame them. So, for those who prefer their bourbon a little more subdued, I plan on setting out some mixers with different recipe cards allowing for each person to mix up their own concoction. While I still haven't decided exactly what we will be shaking up, I have gathered up my five favorite bourbon cocktails in hopes of picking the winning three. The problem now is deciding which ones win….

1. Cider Bourbon Cocktail from Style Within Reach

2. Brooklyn Summer Bourbon Cocktail from Kitchen La Boheme

3. Peachy Keen from Pixelated Crumb

4. Indian Summer Bourbon Cocktail from A Spicy Perspective

5. Cran-Bourbon Cocktail from Cooking Light 

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