Creative Dining

For the latest issue of LPF Mag, I took on the greatest challenge yet. It's something that I had been longing to do for months and taking on the task certainly proved to require a lot of creativity and a little bit of craftsmanship. Creating a dinner party entirely of items found at your local hardware store (with the exception of food) was more fun than I ever thought it could be. So much so, that Rob even joined in on the adventure. I'm going to share some images from the party today and over the next couple of weeks let you in on the supplies used and the tips and tricks to creating your own gorgeous table scape with unconventional items just in time for Thanksgiving! Hope you enjoy!

**Tips and Tricks #1: I was not able to find silverware or something to use as silverware, so the entire menu can be eaten with your hands!

*Tips and Tricks #2: For serving pieces, I used different porcelain tiles and a duct cap turned upside down for the bruschetta.

*Tips and Tricks #3: To create more table space, I placed a 4 ft piece of wood painted brown on top of quart size paint cans. This allowed room for centerpieces and food! 

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