Color Me {Cafe Mocha}

I have finally done the impossible. I have given up coffee. While I haven't cut it out completely, I have significantly cut back. No longer do I rely on the delicious caffeine loaded beverage to wake up and get me through the day. But, I do enjoy a cup once or twice a week, say on a Saturday morning or one of those days when it's especially hard to get going. Now that I've given up my habit, when I do indulge, I like to make it extra special by sipping on a soy cappuccino or my favorite pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks. Something I noticed though, that always slipped me before, is the beauty in the color of deluxe coffee. The mix of light beige from the milk combined with the dark chocolate color of the roast is a combo to classic to pass up. It's perfect for fall too. The warm shades in combination with the cool temperatures outside make any get together feel welcoming and perfect. Try using it with a splash of mustard or garnet to create your one of a kind fall fete!

Have a great Monday!

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