Weekend Reads {8.23.13}

Hello There! Happy Friday my friends. I hope you all have had a good week. Mine has, once again, been incredibly busy. With early mornings, late nights and countless meetings in between, I'm excited for a day of peace and quiet tomorrow. I think I am taking a vow of relaxation for the day with no phone, lots of couch sitting and maybe actually reading all my September issues. I still haven't made it to them in three weeks!

With that being said, I may have to break my vow for a bit to celebrate the weekend with these fun confetti creations. To finish out confetti week, I've gathered up my five favorite confetti inspired posts. With everything from confetti popsicles to a confetti themed first birthday, I'm loving all the confetti inspiration out there. So much so that I'm even considering making my next birthday a nostalgic bash full of confetti, streamers, rice krispy treats, and board games.

I hope this week has provided you with as much fun as it has me. If you took anything away from it, I hope it's that confetti makes everything better!

Have a great weekend!

1. Confetti Popsicles by Icing Designs

2. Confetti 1st Birthday by Kara's Party Ideas

3. Confetti Mirror by Aunt Peaches

4. Confetti Tin Cans by At Home in Love

5. Confetti Popcorn by Key Ingredient

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