Weekend Reads {8.16.13}

Let me tell you...it has been one incredibly long week. I can tell summer is almost over because the work keeps piling higher and higher. Because of so many busy days, my nightly reads have been going by the way side. I still have my entire pile of September issues just hanging out waiting to be read. But, if I just give it two more days, a day of relaxing will be in my future. I plan to spend the morning tomorrow power cleaning and finishing up a bit of work before an event Saturday night. That way when Sunday rolls around, I can head off to brunch and spend the rest of the day on the couch catching up on my favorite reads. I challenge you to do the same. Sometimes it's worth it to cram all the chores you can into one day, so you can spend the next enjoying your time. Remember, life's a party if you just plan accordingly!

Here are the links to some of my favorite posts from the week. Hopefully you take some you time this weekend and enjoy!

1. Strawberry Basil Fizz Cocktail from La Petite Fashionista

2. Driftwood Centerpieces from A Subtle Revelry as seen on Julep

3. Retro Flamingo Pool Party from TomKat Studio

4. Toasted Coconut Cream Puffs from Tried and Tasty

5. Grown-up + Glam School Supplies from Glitter Guide

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  1. oh my gosh-- those driftwood centerpieces. GORGE. and i'm with you. i'd rather get ish done to have a full day of fun!