Indulge In {Chocolate Mousse Shooters}

Hi friends! I typically like to share with you the perfect recipe for everyday or easy entertaining. But, every once in a awhile, I like to share something truly indulgent. We've been putting more and more effort recently into eating right, but the occasional craving for a sweet treat pops up every now and then. From doughnuts to cake to pie, I just want it all when these cravings hit. One of my favorite craving conquerors, though, are these rich chocolate mousse shooters. Layered with fudgey brownies, you really can't go wrong. Make a batch to serve up at your next get together or keep them stashed in the fridge for nightly treats. You could even add a little flair by mixing in fresh mint or citrus zest. Here's the recipe...

:: Ingredients ::
1 Box Duncan Hines Brownie Mix, already made
9.35 oz Bittersweet (70% Cocoa) Chocolate, chopped
1 Cup Water
4 Tbsp Sugar
Splash Grand Marnier

:: Directions ::
1. Place a large mixing bowl atop a medium sized mixing bowl full of ice water. Set aside.
2. Combine chocolate, water, sugar, & Grand Marnier in a medium sauce pan. Stir continuously over medium high heat until chocolate is melted.
3. Pour chocolate into large mixing bowl and whisk continuously until thick. Be careful as to not over whisk as doing so will make mousse grainy. If mousse gets grainy, return to sauce pan and heat until half is melted.
4. If mousse does not become thick, refrigerate for one hour whisking occasionally.
5. Layer with brownie in shot glasses and serve.

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