The Happiest Hour {Orange Mint Mojito}

The herb garden I planted by my front door a couple weeks ago is finally starting to really blossom. The chives are growing like crazy. The rosemary is getting really tall, and the orange mint is taking over the whole pot! With so many fresh herbs now, I'm starting to get a little more creative with flavorings in my cooking like rosemary chive ricotta flatbreads and lemon parsley chicken. While I haven't done much experimenting with the mint, I have created a lot of this classic cocktail that is a light sipper on sizzling summer days. It's got a bit of flare because I planted an orange mint plant as opposed to your standard peppermint or spearmint. The mint isn't quite as pungent and has a nice light and refreshing flavor. It would also serve nice in a gin concoction if rum isn't your thing. But, if it is, here's my recipe for a crowd pleasing orange mine mojito...

:: Ingredients ::
5-6 Orange Mint Leaves
1.5 oz White Rum
2 oz Simple Syrup
1/2 Lime, cut into wedges
1/2 Cup Club Soda

:: Directions ::
1. In a cocktail shaker, muddle mint leaves and lime wedges with simple syrup. Add rum and shake vigorously.
2. Pour over ice and top with club soda. Sip and enjoy!

Have a happy Tuesday!

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