Party DIY {Cards for Dad}

Happy Friday y'all! I'm so glad we finally made it to the weekend. It's time to take a few days, sit back, relax and find something to celebrate. Like most of you, this weekend I will be celebrating my dad. I hate to brag, but my dad is pretty awesome and I am beyond excited to head to Jacksonville for the weekend to spend some time with him. I know he's got a weekend planned full of lunch at a great local brewery/restaurant, Engine 15, and probably some fun by the pool or at the beach. I can't wait to give him his gift either. I think I may be more excited to give it to him than he is to get it! One thing is safe to say though, the one part about Father's Day I always dread is picking out a card. They always seem to hit two extremes, young children giving cards or sentimental cards. Somewhere along the line they forgot the people in the middle who like to give cute, funny, sweet cards that won't make you cry but still let dad know you care. That's why this year I've decided to make my own! This one has a nautical feel for my dad, but you can customize to whatever dad's interests may be. Say your dad loves the outdoors, find a small rock and use the saying "Dad, you rock." If dad is a major sports guy write "I got a hole in one with you for a Dad." If dad is a fisherman, "You're a reel great dad." The possibilities are really endless, just make sure you make it something your dad will get.

I hope you all have a fun weekend! What do you have planned for dad?

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