Color Me {Sea Life}

I've been craving a vacation for a while now, dreaming of going back to the days where summer meant sleeping in, hanging at the beach, and riding bikes. But, the real world ruins those plans after college graduation unfortunately. Early mornings, late nights and weekends have left me exhausted. I find solace though staring at images of everything I imagine summer to be. Shades of bright blue, pictures of pools, cocktails, the sun shining, afternoon thunderstorms, and sea creatures have me imagining I've transported myself back to the days where how defined my tan lines were was the biggest worry. Seeing as how I have yet to win the lottery, reliving those days is far away. Until then, I will continue to stare at these amazing renditions of sea creatures and believe that when I step out my front door I'll be at the beach (my happy place!) with a cocktail in hand. So raise a glass and let's all toast to being on an imaginary vacation this week! Have a great Monday y'all!

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