Essentially {Hurricane Prep}

Well, if yesterday was any indicator of what the rest of the summer is going to be like, then it appears that we are going to have a very busy, active hurricane season. That means one thing, many many hurricane parties in the near future. Being a Floridian, I've been hosting hurricane parties for years. They are full of food, cocktails, and old fashioned fun. There are some essentials that are "no brainers" like water, non perishable food items, sand bags, and flashlights. But trust me, my list is much more fun than that! So, sit back and get ready to stock up because we've got a long, hurricane season ahead!

1. Oil Lantern: It seems like an old fashioned item to keep around, but an oil lamp burns longer and puts off more light than a standard candle. A camping lantern works well too!

2. Cocktails: A pitcher of cocktails (to go along with your water of course) helps me image that the puddles outside are pools of clear water and that I'm not going to be stuck inside for the next few days.

3. Board Games: When the power goes out, so does the cable and internet. That means no Twitter, Pinterest, or movies to keep you entertained. Break out a deck of cards and the board games and host an old fashioned game night!

4. Party Grill: Basically, it's a small portable gas grill perfect for nights when the power is out and you're craving a home cooked meal. You can do just about all you need to on a grill (assuming you have a cooler to keep all the food cold!)

5. Batteries: They may seem pretty obvious, but I can't tell you the number of hurricanes I've been through without batteries. Even if you think you don't need them, always buy a couple economy packs for good measure!

Of course this list can be an essential for any weather related party if hurricanes don't affect your whole summer! What are your hurricane party essentials?

Have a great weekend!

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