Sweet As Pie

Happy Wednesday dolls! I hope everyone is having a very good week thus far. Part of throwing a great party is making sure it's on trend. Trends don't always have to be decor related though. It can be a style of dining, a new flavor, or a new theme such as murder mystery. I touched a few weeks ago on the Gatsby theme that is taking over the event world. Today I want to hit on a hot new food trend. Say goodbye to your traditional cake and cupcakes and say hello to the dessert bar! I love the idea of creating a bar full of mini nostalgic desserts like s'mores, macaroons, chocolate chip cookies, grandma's pound cake and more. It provides guests with a variety of options and ensures that there is a little something for everybody. Include your favorite desserts from childhood and now to create the perfect dessert bar both you and your guests will enjoy!

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