Party DIY {Spring Napkin Rings}

I've recently been inspired by things I find around my own house. Things that seem so out of the ordinary and could never be anything beautiful or party appropriate. It started one day when I was reminiscing about the fun crafts from elementary school made from things like paper plates, paper towel rolls, plain white paper and more. We used such creativity as a kid and it has seemed to disappear over the years. I decided to bring it back though. I wanted to take your average brown toilet paper (or paper towel) roll and turn it into something bright, fun and perfect for everyday or party days. The outcome, colorful patterned napkin rings. I instagramed a sneak peak over the weekend and am glad to share the step by step DIY with you today. Here you go...

:: Supplies ::
1 Toilet Paper Roll
Assorted Acrylic Paint
Flower Appliqué

:: Directions ::
1. Begin by measuring 1" increments on the roll. Mark with a pencil. Trace line around roll.
2. Cut around lines. Trim rough edges.
3. Paint a base color on each ring. Let dry. With a second color, paint a pattern such as lines or dots. Let dry. Adorn with self adhering flower applique.

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