Party DIY {Ribbon Wands}

Two DIY's in a row? So unusual. But, I've been feeling a bit more creative with the change of seasons. For the longest time now, the big trend in wedding send offs has been the sparkler. I get it, they're fun and make for a great pictures, especially at night. But, like every trend, there comes a time for a new one. Said new trend is the ribbon wand. I remember playing with something similar as a kid and having a blast! I would dance around twirling the wand until I couldn't stand it any longer. Now, as an adult I wish I could go back to that time, and I can with these wands. Not only are they a dazzling send off but fun for party guests of all ages to play with. Plus they are easy enough to make yourself and customize for you soiree. Here's the step by step on making your own!

:: Supplies ::
1/4 in. Dowel Rod
Eye Hooks
Assorted Ribbon
Wood Saw
Fine Sandpaper

:: Directions ::
1. Using your wood saw, trim your dowel rod into 12" sections. (With a standard rod, you should get 4 pieces)
2. Sand the edges of each new rod to ensure that splinters are gone.
3. Take your eye hook and begin to twist it into the end. (Be sure to center it!)
4. Trim your ribbon into 2 ft pieces. Gather four pieces together and string through eye hook, tying into a knot around the hook.

Have a creative Wednesday!

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  1. i love these ribbon wands! saw them in an episode of 4 weddings this week and was thinking how much tidier it is than confetti/glitter/rice and how awesome it is for pictures!