Party DIY {Bamboo Spoons}

Happy Tuesday! I've been touching a lot lately on custom serveware. It's the finishing touch to the party that most of the time gets overlooked. But, it's so easy to make your own and top off your party theme. They don't have to be large metal serving utensils though. With the availability (and ease!) of bamboo utensils, you can buy them for anything and make them your own. Disposables for a party can be a bit dull but once you paint them, they add a punch that you can't buy anywhere! Here's the how to...

:: Supplies ::
Bamboo Spoons
Acrylic Paint
Paint Brush

:: Directions ::
Paint the handle of the spoon in a base color. Once paint dries, paint dots using the tip of the paint brush with a second color. Let dry and use.

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