Party DIY {Mustache Coasters}

I spent most of last Friday getting ready for some photo shoots coming up for LPF Magazine. It's going to be a series of beach parties each with a different theme. I already revealed that one of the themes will be a beach fiesta and I couldn't be more excited for it. I decided to incorporate a little whimsy into this bash by using some classic mustache touches which left me feeling a bit inspired. While these coasters won't be part of the shoot, they are a fun touch to add to your next gathering. While I used mustaches, you can really make these custom coasters fit any theme. All you need is a pack of cork coasters from your local craft store (I got mine at Hobby Lobby.), spray paint, stickers or painter's tape. I can imagine making them with the first letter of each guest's name, stripes, polka dots, and more. Here's the DIY.

:: Supplies ::
Cork Coasters
Spray Paint
Stickers or Painter's Tape

:: Directions ::
1. Apply sticker in desired area or painter's tape in desired pattern.
2. On a flat surface outdoors, spray with one coat of spray paint. Let dry.
3. Once first coat of spray paint is dry, spray again. Continue until you reach the desired color.
4. Once all coats of spray paint are dry, remove sticker or paint.

What design would you put on your custom coaster?

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