Cupcake Creative

In an ideal world, I would love to make everybody a cake (or cupcakes!) for their birthday. But given how busy we all are, that can be a bit impossible. However, I have found a way to give a store bought cupcake (or cake!) that homemade touch that is so desirable. By buying a simple cupcake, you can take it home and add a bit of pizzaz in no time. Wrap it up in a kraft paper box with a glittered ribbon and you are ready to give a semi homemade treat! Here are some ideas for easy decorating.

1. Sprinkles: A classic topper. Roll the icing in a bed of multi colored sprinkles to create a confetti like decor. 

2. Personalized Signs: Hand write a birthday message or their age on the piece of kraft paper and stick it right on top. Adorn with a bit of edible glitter for a splash of glitz.

3. Crushed Candy: Crush the recipient's favorite treat and sprinkle on top. Any kind of candy will work or for a splash try crushed pretzels!

4. Curling Ribbon: Curling ribbon is about the simplest, prettiest topper around. Plus the possibilities are endless. They make it in every color and even patterns for ultimate customization!

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