The Happiest Hour {Blood Orange Margarita}

If you tuned in yesterday you were able to catch the back story on my love of blood oranges. Ever since my first trip to Italy, the flavor was something I craved since finding the product here was close to impossible. Ever since that time, it has steadily become more available in specialty stores. Saturday morning though, when strolling through my local grocery store for breakfast ingredients, we stumbled upon blood orange juice made by no other than Tropicana. Almost unable to believe my eyes, I grabbed the bottle as fast as I could and my head stared realign with cocktail ideas. Since this week is all about my favorite things, I decided to create a drink combining two of my favorite things, margaritas and blood oranges. It's sweet and amazingly delicious! Here's the recipe...

:: Ingredients ::
2 oz Clear Tequila
2 oz Blood Orange Juice
1 oz Sweet & Sour Mix
1 oz Grand Marnier
1/2 oz Grenadine
Lime Slices
Sugar (optional)

:: Directions ::
1. Combine tequila, blood orange juice, sweet & sour, Grand Marnier, and grenadine in a shaker.
2. Rim glass with sugar, pour margarita over ice, garnish with lime and enjoy!

1 comment:

  1. YUM!! kyle and i make margaritas from scratch almost every weekend, its my favorite. this is fantastic.. cheers!!