The Happiest Hour {White Christmas Sangria}

One of my favorite parts about the holiday season is all of the fancy fantastical holiday parties. With spirited soirees galore, it's rude to show up empty handed. But, showing up with another candle seems thoughtless. While a nice bottle of wine or liquor is always an option, this year mix it up (literally!) by surprising your hostess with bottle of white cranberry sangria. Filled with holiday flavors like cranberry and pomegranate, it's got just the right amount of flavor and fizz for all to enjoy. So grab a glass and get ready to pour, here's the recipe.

:: Ingredients ::
750 ml White Wine
2 Cups Cranberry Pomegranate Juice
1/2 Cup Fresh Cranberries
1 Apple, sliced thin
Soda Water

:: Directions ::
1. Combine wine, cranberry pomegranate juice, fresh cranberries, and apple slices in a pitcher. Refrigerate for one hour or until ready to serve.
2. Serve over ice and top with splash of soda water.

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  1. What type of white whine do you use?