Party DIY {Cake Topper Redo}

Last week I showed you all three amazing cake toppers and told you to pick your favorite. After a couple days of voting, the pompoms emerged victorious. So, with glue gun in hand, I got to work. Recreating it proved to be much easier than I thought, and much cheaper than the original only costing $3.10 in new materials (The hot glue and skewers are items I keep stocked for projects). I opted to use felt as opposed to a chiffon type material and I couldn't be happier with how they turned out. Here's how to make it yourself in the colors of your soiree!

:: Supplies ::
Felt in desired colors
Package of small styrofoam balls (I found them at the Dollar Store)
Hot Glue

:: Directions ::
1. Begin by tracing circles 1.5 inches in diameter on the felt. Cut each one out.
2. Pinch the center of each circle and dab with hot glue.
3. Attache to the styrofoam ball. Continue until ball is covered.
4. Stick ball on top of the skewer and trim stick to desired height.

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