Lusting After {Pattern}

Some say solids are nice and a nice way to balance out over the top centerpieces and decor. Sadly, I must disagree. While solids do have their place in the linen world, I'm crazy about pattern right now. A bold tablecloth underneath a bouquet of gorgeous blooms is sure to make an eye catching statement. Stripes, polka dots, or plaid it doesn't matter. The key to using pattern and not making it look cheap is all the accents. A neutral patterned linen should be accented by bright centerpieces and vice versa. Stick to one pattern. If you love stripes then stick with that and don't add pops of plaid or swirls. Feeling like a print tablecloth is a little too bold for your event? Throw in a subtle pattern by using striped or floral linen napkins. It will still add that special touch without being the main focus of the table.

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