Off To The Races

I know the Derby is still a couple of weeks away, but we've got some major planning to do! With the Kentucky Derby falling on Cinco de Mayo, it's going to be one big party day. There is simply no purpose in deciding which soiree to throw because both are fantastic in their own right and equally fun to celebrate. So, in honor of the dual holiday, I will be featuring over the next couple weeks both Derby and Cinco inspiration and tips onto how to transform your party from one to the other. 

Let's begin with the day's first celebration, the Kentucky Derby. The first in a race for the Triple Crown, the Derby sure provides reason to celebrate. Big hats, bright prints and mint juleps will flow abundantly. Be sure to include include racing paraphernalia in your decor. Racing ribbons, vintage hats, horse shoes, and horse figures are a must. Use brightly colored stripped linens for an easy transition. Dress in top hats, bow ties and large brimmed hats adorned with bows and flowers to act as if you are watching the races in person. Serve up mint juleps in silver cups and take (small) bets on who will win. Want to add a little extra fun? Take bets on the Triple Crown and throw a bash for each race. 

Now that you've got your Derby party inspiration squared away...stay tuned next week for tips on throwing the perfect Siesta!

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