Color Me {Lobster}

It's not quite lobster season yet, but just the thought of the savory treat has me dreaming in lobster red. Admittedly, I'm not really a fan of the color red. However, when the bright, bold shade is paired with white and navy, I can't help but fall in love with the nautical Nantucket feel. Not only is the patriotic hue a representation of east coast classics, but a symbol of love. But, not quite as literally as you are thinking. If there are any die hard Friends out there beside myself, you probably know exactly where this is headed. And, if you don't, I'll gladly explain. During one episode Pheobe is trying to convince the group that Ross and Rachel are meant to be together by explaining that lobsters mate for life. The quote "He's your lobster" has stuck with me since I first saw the episode and it still remains one of my favorite quotes and episodes. Thus, the lobster has become a symbol of long lasting love in my book. Not to mention, it's bright red hue is the perfect lovely compliment to the symbol. 

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