Center of Attention {Ruffled}

Yes, yes, yes. I know this week's "Center of Attention" isn't exactly a centerpiece, but these ruffled tablecloths are pretty eye catching and worthy of all the attention. Cocktail tables are one of my favorite additions to a party. They encourage guests to gather and mingle with one another instead of sitting at their tables seclusively. With the soft, flowing ruffles give off an elegant, romantic and inviting vibe, guests will be in awe and flocking to tables to admire the intricate details. The texture provides a nice alternative to the typical plain cloth. I suggest keeping everything else simple when using something with such pop. Let the texture do the talking by using neutral colors and keeping centerpieces minimal. A simple bud vase or a beautiful orchid is all you need. I mean with a table linen this show stopping do you really need anymore?

*Image: Chris Humphrey Photographer


  1. can we get a link to how to make these or who sells them? they are perfect!

  2. I agree with Heather, any information you have would be great!