Center of Attention {Green Grass}

As we move closer to summer, I'm always reminded of the smell of fresh cut grass. The crisp, clean smell instantly takes me back summers spent outdoors running and playing in the hot sun. Though as I've grown older, the days spent outside playing have been replaced with dreaming of days galavanting in the sunshine. As I think back on the fresh cut grass and hot summer days, I can't help but want to incorporate that same nostalgic feel into an event. And, this centerpiece spotted on Pinterest has done just that. The strip of grass acting as a table runner is a perfect accent to the dark tabletop. I love how the focus stays on grass by keeping other elements simple. The small bud vases and tea candles allow the green grass to really pop and take center stage. Keep the colors interesting and eye catching by using bright buds in your vases. Hues such as fuschia, yellow, or purple will keep it visually interesting without being gaudy. I would stay away from accents such as white or beige for fear that it will be just too plain. Whether for a small gathering of close friends for Sunday brunch or a big bash full of friends and family from near and far, try incorporating a little green grass into your next table top. 

Remember what they say. They grass isn't always greener on the other side. It doesn't exactly fit, but it's the only quote about grass...

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