Destination Dream {London}

I have to admit, Destination Dream is becoming one of my favorite posts to write. It's fun to imagine and plan a wedding or any special event in a location away from home. So this week, in honor of the upcoming first anniversary of Will and Kate (who I like to refer to by first name only because I believe we are friends) we are traveling to London. 

There are so many intriguing things about the historic city. The city's many attractions make for perfect destination for both you and your guests. Down time can be filled with tours of the city on a double decker bus, rides on the London Eye, and walks through Picadilly Circus. Imagine memorable photos replicating the Beetles walk across Abbey Road or staring down Big Ben from across the river. Invite guests to fun with a toy double decker bus and a British flag accompanying your invitation. Continue the fun upon arrival with a search for the best pub and fish and chips and maybe even a game of cricket.

Finish the whirlwind series of events with your spectacular big day at an English estate or maybe even Westminster Abbey and send guests off with the memory of an event they are sure not to forget! 

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