Lusting After {Palm Fronds}

If you are blessed enough to live in, or be from, the Sunshine State, you can relate to my obsession with palm frond accents. Whether as decor for your home or soiree, their vibrant green hue brings a sense of the tropical outdoors in. Right now I'm lusting after the idea of removing the stem and using the frond as a placemat or charger. This inexpensive, chic table accent is just what my summer loving heart is craving. Another great option is to use them as a bold accent in an oversized vase. I know I've got one turquoise vintage rum carboy that is in need of the bright whisping leaves of a palm. If planning a tropical bash this summer, try using them as an oversized centerpiece on a few tables. It's bold, eye catching and something your guests are sure not to forget. 

I could talk all day about the possibilities for these luscious beauties, but I believe I will just leave the rest up to your creative imagination. No matter indoors or out, palm fronds add the right amount of natural beauty, bright color, and island vibe! 

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