Lusting After {Driftwood}

Hi there! We made it through another week and boy was it a long one for me. It left me dreaming of white sandy beaches and relaxing with refreshing cocktail in hand most days. Longing for the beach made me wish my house was filled with more stray pieces of driftwood that always remind me of lazy summer days. With their rustic, natural feel, driftwood takes me back to place that is so calming and refreshing. It got me thinking, why don't I use it more often? A plank running through the middle of long table adorned with candles and some lose buds would be perfect for an intimate dinner party or wedding. On of my favorite uses is to paint it in bright colors with sayings and pictures to use as a sign. In fact, in the small town of Hope Town in the Bahamas, all the street signs are made of old driftwood pieces. It's absolutely charming! But the uses for driftwood aren't just limited to fabulous soirees, it's a perfect home and store accent as well adding the perfect natural element to make guests and customers alike feel relaxed and comfortable. 

I hope you get a chance to "drift" away this weekend and enjoy! xoxo

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