Take a Seat

Hi there! Happy Tuesday! Fresh off my trip to the beach last week, I'm still dreaming of the sand between my toes and all things tropical. With summer quickly approaching, it's the perfect time to start talking about (and planning) beach side weddings. As always, every aspect of your big day should fit the theme. In this case, beachy details for a sand filled soiree.

An aspect of beach weddings every always seems to forget is the sea glass. After spending years being tumbled around by the waves, sea glass is perfectly frosted and gives off some of the most amazing color you've ever seen. While collecting enough sea glass to decorate with can take years, you can skip the decades of collecting and planning by buying a bag already filled to the brim. For these escort cards, I laid the sea glass out on a platter and used it as a support to keep the shells standing. Like the sea glass, you can spend decades trying to find enough perfect shells to use. Hence why I purchased these along with the glass.

Lastly, get some chalkboard cards (I found these at Hobby Lobby) and write the name of each guest and there table number. Slide into the shell, balance on the sea glass and amaze your guests with the one beach detail they didn't expect to see when attending your wedding. However, I do have one suggestion. Make sure your trays are where you want them before setting up the shells. Trying to move the shells on the tray will only make them all fall over. 

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