Up in Smoke

Lately I've been searching for clever new ideas for invitations and save the dates. While I love the classics, I've been longing for something that would take guests by surprise. One day while perusing Pinterest, I came across this image of some cigars. It got me thinking, what if for each male guest being invited, send a cigar with the save the date. Now, of course, it all has to tie in. A cigar on it's own might seem random, but when your save the date reads like this one, it all makes sense.
While it might be difficult to have him hold off smoking it until your big day, encourage him to bring it along to help celebrate! Pretty unusual right? Here's how I made it all happen. I bought a cigar and scaled my save the date to size so it would fit inside the tube. If you haven't purchased many cigars, a lot of stores will sell them in these protective tubes with a cork on top so the cigar does not get harmed in transport. It makes it very convenient in this case. Roll the save the date around the cigar tightly enough so it will fit in the tube. Coincidentally, when mine was rolled, the date was not covered and provided the perfect eye catcher for guests. Tie some ribbons on top and mail it off! 

Don't want to send female guests a cigar? Check back next week for the girly version! You'll love it!

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